GushIng about Good News Gus 
 "As someone who loves to see a smile or hear a laugh, I spend a lot of time noticing that all too often, people are missing sunshine in their lives.  Gus always delivers THAT sunshine...even to pepole who his message isn't directed to, but who take the time to enjoy it.  I think that it is such an amazing and wonderful gift to offer the world.  Gus--I'm a huge fan.  You, sir, are awesome." 
-Jason, dad 
"Gus made me so happy!  I loooooved this video!!!"
 -Abigail, age 7 
"Gus made my daughter feel so special!  I can't believe how many times she wanted to watch Gus over and over!"

-Tracey, mom 
       Click HERE to see Gus in action

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