Hi.  I'm Gus.  
And I'm
yellow--like the sunshine.

Hey, wait! Sunshine makes people happy--and I spread happiness!  What an amazing coincidence...

The Man Behind
the Puppet

Gus is the creation of Harry LaCoste. Harry has been working with puppets for years.  It all started with a camcorder, a pair of shoes, and a love of all things happy.  In college, Harry worked for the University of Massachusetts-Amherst Educational Television in a series called Try This at Home.  There he created a character named Carl who loved to cook and learned about nature.  

Puppets were always on his mind after college where he landed a position as a kid wrangler on the set of Sesame Street in New York City.  During his time with the masterminds of the Street, he realized just how much he loved this work.

After a brief hiatus to work with babies and toddlers at the acclaimed early childhood enrichment program, Free to Be Under Three, Harry received the gift of puppetry once again in the form of a class with Puppet School.  He met amazing people, honed his craft, and started building puppets of his own.  And along came Gus, a new furry yellow friend.

For Harry's twin sister's birthday, he made a video in celebration asking his three year old niece to help sing happy birthday.  Turns out she talked back to the video and asked to watch it again….and again…and again.  And soon after, Gus was spreading great news to friends and family all over the country--with the help of Harry, of course.

Harry lives with his wife and Gus in the greater Boston burbs.  

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